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Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio recently toured Spain where he invited Cristiano Ronaldo, Raul and their Real Madrid teammates to WWE's upcoming SmackDown and ECW live event in Madrid on Sept. 24.

"It was an honor to be invited to visit Real Madrid's training ground and meet Raul, Ronaldo, Kaka and all the other footballers that play for such a successful team," Mysterio said. "I am looking forward to seeing them again in September when I am back in Madrid and to give them a taste of my own kind of athleticism!"

Real Madrid is a professional club and the most successful team in Spanish football history. They've won a record 31 La Liga titles, 17 Spanish Cups, nine European Cups and two UEFA Cups.

"Rey, it is a pleasure to meet you," Raul told the SmackDown Superstar. "Thank you for the invite to see you in Madrid. My kids love your show."


ST. LOUIS - Temperatures are seriously scorching with just six days left until the hottest happening this side of WrestleMania. That's right, we're talkin' SummerSlam. In the run-up to the boiling brawl, Raw celebrity guest host Freddie Prinze Jr., turned up the oven and ripped off the knob.

WWE Champion Randy Orton & John Cena def. Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show
The summer humidity outside may have hung heavy in the Missouri air, but the tension inside was almost thick enough to choke on. As Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show sized up their opponents, WWE Champion Randy Orton & John Cena, The Viper and Cena were busy sizing up each other. And who could blame them?

Although Cena and Orton harbored obvious distrust, the WWE Universe voiced their opinion on WWE e-Vote, affirming that they felt the two would still manage to squeeze out a victory.

To add to the intrigue, Prinze Jr., bravely returned to establish the tag team bout as a Lumberjack Match with the ring surrounded by his handpicked Superstars, all with a suspicious eye on Orton.

Not only do Orton and Cena have a laundry list of complaints about one another, they're set to square off in six days at SummerSlam. With a weary eye on their "partner," both Orton and Cena tried to fend off the sizable challenge of their tag team tormentors. In the end, it was Cena who captured the victory for his team by pinning Jericho. True to form, however, The Viper RKO'd his partner to show his gratitude. As if to prove his mettle, Cena not only rebounded, he also tossed both Jericho and Big Show out of the ring.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather to host next week's Raw
The WWE Universe will remember Floyd "Money" Mayweather as the man who bloodied Big Show's nose and defeated The World's Largest Athlete at WrestleMania XXIV. Now they'll also know him as Raw's celebrity guest host one day after SummerSlam. Tune in Monday night to watch the boxing great take control.

Hornswoggle def. Chavo Guerrero
Oh, Chavo. Losing to a 4-foot-4-inch leprechaun seems to be taking its toll. This week, Guerrero found himself "facing" Hornswoggle, this time in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. The sly 'Swoggle fled the ring early, heading toward the locker room area of the Scottrade Center. With Chavo in pursuit, Hornswoggle locked himself in a room. When Chavo finally opened the door, a can of paint swung down, knocking him unconscious, enabling Hornswoggle to score the victory. When he finally came to, he discovered that 'Swoggle wasn't to blame. Actually, the culprit appeared to be Prinze's pal, Macaulay Culkin!

MVP def. Jack Swagger by disqualification
Montel Vontavious Porter; the name alone seems like a lot to handle. And now Jack Swagger finds himself forced to handle more than just a name. After weeks of trading barbs, last week "The All-American American" underhandedly attacked MVP after his match against Chris Masters. This week, however, The Franchise Playa came prepared. MVP put in a solid effort against Swagger until the arrogant American refused to yield to the referee after displaying relentless aggression to get disqualified.

Divas Champion Mickie James def. Gail Kim
Having teamed with Divas Champion Mickie James just two weeks prior, Gail Kim found herself facing down the sporty stunner for the title. While Kim's efforts were impressive as usual, Mickie proved too powerful for the No. 1 contender and emerged with her title intact.

DX returned to Raw; The Legacy attacked
After months of seclusion, Shawn Michaels finally made his climactic return to D-Generation X and Monday Night Raw, much to the thrill of the WWE Universe. Any celebration, however, would prove short-lived. As Michaels and partner Triple H addressed the crowd, their SummerSlam opponents, The Legacy, attacked DX from behind. Then it was Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase's turn at the microphone. They informed the stunned crowd that yes, they ARE ready.

The Miz def. Evan Bourne
The Miz swears up and down that he's, well, awesome! And now, he's out to prove it. After getting banned from Raw two weeks ago, the self-important Superstar earned his way back on the program by defeating Eugene in a WWE Contract-on-a-Pole Match. Now, he claims he will become United States Champion and started by facing off against Evan Bourne. Despite the unpredictable nature of "Air" Bourne, Miz grounded the high-flyer for the victory.

United States Champion Kofi Kingston def. Carlito
Before succumbing to Randy Orton's rage, Raw celebrity guest host Freddie Prinze Jr., arranged for United States Champion Kofi Kingston to defend his title against Carlito. The Caribbean quarrel pitted the jumping Jamaican against a Superstar who lately has shown little respect for anything or anyone, even his brother. A crowd favorite, Kingston managed to overcome the Boriqua Brother to avoid any trouble in paradise.

Raw celebrity guest host Freddie Prinze Jr., refused WWE Champion Randy Orton's demand, suffered attack
As the star of such movies as I Know What You Did Last Summer and She's All That as well as the upcoming season of Fox's 24, Prinze greeted the enthusiastic crowd in the Scottrade Center and fielded an impromptu acting audition from Santino Marella before being confronted by WWE Champion Randy Orton. The Viper appeared more than a little ticked at the prospect of having to pair with SummerSlam opponent John Cena against Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show and not the least bit shy about letting Prinze Jr. know it.

The actor and lifelong WWE fan, however, refused to back down, which seemed only to provoke the erratic Orton and prompted an attack that left Prinze Jr., immobile on the canvas. The actor was subsequently taken to a local medical facility for observation.


Missed Sunday's "Hard Justice" epic event? Don't miss the replay all month long on your Pay-Per-View provider! Check your programming guide for availability.


- Daniels won the X-Division Steel Asylum Match
- Abyss defeated Jethro Holliday
- Hernandez defeated Big Rob of The British Invasion
- IWGP Tag Title: The British Invasion defeated Beer Money, Inc
- Knockouts Title: ODB and Cody Deaner won, defeating The Beautiful People
- X Title: Samoa Joe won the title, defeating Homicide
- Tag Tam Title: Scott Steiner & Booker T retained over Team 3D
- Legends Title: Kevin Nash won the title, defeating Mick Foley
- World Title: Kurt Angle retained over Sting and Matt Morgan

- In the most insane and daredevil Steel Asylum match thus far in TNA history, Daniels came out the winner to earn a shot at the X Division Championship. The match was highlighted by the debut of "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero (who kept Suicide from winning the bout), as well as Daniels hanging upside down from the top of the cage! After Dinero took out Suicide, Daniels recovered and escaped to win it.

- Jethro Holliday took on Abyss in an attempt to claim Dr. Stevie's 50,000 bounty on Abyss. Dr. Stevie attempted to interfere on Holliday's behalf, but it only backfired. In the end, Dr. Stevie handed brass knuckles to Holliday, but Abyss instead hit his Black Hole Slam finisher to get the win. After the match, Dr. Stevie was irate with Holliday and got in his face. In turn, Holliday knocked out Dr. Stevie!

- Hernandez gained a quick win over Big Rob of The British Invasion, using a shoulder block at the start of the match to surprise the UK muscleman! When Hernandez came out, he got on the microphone and told all of the British Invasion that they could hand him the briefcase, or he would take it by force. The Invasion attacked, but Hernandez fought them off. After getting the pin on Big Rob, Hernandez grabbed his World Title shot briefcase and exited the ring, while Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams held back an irate Big Rob!

- With World Elite leader Eric Young on commentary, The British Invasion defeated Beer Money, Inc. to retain the New Japan IWGP Tag Team Title. During the bout, Eric Young tossed one of the IWGP titles into the ring, which caught the attention of Robert Roode. Roode went after Young, but Eric spit on him. As the referee was removing the title from the ring, the Invasion hit Roode with a low blow and rolled him up for the pin!

- ODB and Cody Deaner got the win over Angelina Love and Velvet Sky to become the new Knockout Women's Champion! Madison Rayne accidentally cost Angelina the match (and the gold) when she went to hairspray Deaner but blinded her Beautiful People leader instead. Deaner scored the pin and ODB was awarded the title, but Deaner took it and left the ring while ODB gave chase! After the bout, The Beautiful People argued in the ring, with Love leaving in a fit of rage!

- Samoa Joe (with Taz) defeated Homicide to become the NEW TNA X Division Champion! Homicide hit Joe with everything he had, but in the end Joe forced Homicide to tap out to the rear naked chokehold! Samoa Joe has certainly re-focused on his submission skills, and now he once again dominates the TNA X Division as the reigning champion!

- In an all-out brawl for the TNA World Tag Team Title, Scott Steiner and Booker T retained the gold against Team 3D. The conclusion of the match was controversial, with two TNA referees (Earl Hebner and Slick Johnson) both registering pins for each team. After Hebner and Johnson reviewed the videotape, it was announced that Booker T and Scott Steiner were still the tag team champions, which the crowd didn't agree with!

- In a bloody and chaotic battle, Kevin Nash defeated Mick Foley to win the TNA Legends Championship! After a brawl between Nash and Foley, Mick brought a barbed wire bat into play, which brought out Traci Brooks to stop him. As Foley dealt with Brooks, Nash took his opportunity to deliver a big boot to Foley to get the win. After the bout, Abyss came out to save Foley from further damage by the new champ.

- In the main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle successfully retained the gold by beating Sting and Matt Morgan. Late in the bout, Sting had it won, but there was no referee. Morgan took his opportunity to capitalize - hitting his "Carbon Footprint" on Sting. However, Kurt Angle smashed Morgan with a steel chair, and covered him to get the pin and the win. Once again, Kurt Angle outsmarted Sting and Morgan to remain World Champion.


Former WWE Diva Kristal Marshall (Bobby Lashley's girlfriend) wrote on her Twitter account on Tuesday that she's going to "make a debut soon".

Earlier, she also wrote: "Just got some super duper news today! Let's just say it's a page turner!"

Marshall appears to have wrestling on her mind as we reported earlier that Vince McMahon has been incredibly frustrated as of late with WWE's inability to create new Superstars. Marshall apparently read the report as she wrote the following on her Twitter account: "Sorry Vince stars are born not created...."

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle has posted bail and has been released from jail following his arraignment this afternoon. From all accounts he will be allowed to travel to Orlando, Florida for tomorrow night's TNA Hard Justice pay-per-view.

Previously, according to a criminal report filed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kurt Angle has been arrested and was currently in the Allegheny County Jail. There was an altercation at the home of Kurt Angle involving Angle and his girlfriend Trenesha Biggers, also known as TNA's Rhaka Khan. Biggers went to police and filed a protection from abuse order against Angle, and police came and removed Angle from the home this morning.

At around 8 AM, Biggers called police again, stating that Angle was stalking her. She had gone to a Starbucks to use the internet, and told police that Angle had her phone and had been circling the parking lot. She claimed Angle was deleting photos from the phone, which were described as "pictures of abuse".

Angle was questioned by police, under suspicion of driving under the influence, and when they searched the vehicle, they found used syringes and two vials of human growth hormone. Angle claimed that he had a prescription for the medication, and could provide that to police.

Angle is currently awaiting arraignment on the following charges:
- Driving while operating privileges suspended
- Prohibited acts
- Possession
- Harassment

Angle is scheduled to defend his TNA World Heavyweight Title tomorrow night at the Hard Justice pay-per-view in Orlando.

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